The objective of this job is to develop learners' deductive skills in reviewing the adoption of accounting requirements in financial transactions. In this project we are instructed to assess the accounting treatment of borrowing costs according to FRS 123, by using the newest two years monetary statements for two companies on the Maldives Stock exchange. Financial Reporting Standard 123 Borrowing Costs (FRS 123) consists of sentences 1 to 30. All of the paragraphs in FRS123 possess equal power. FRS 123 should be go through in the circumstance of their core principle and the Basis. The companies should certainly follow FRS 123 when preparing company's economical statements and disclosing information regarding credit costs.

The core rule of FRS 123 can be borrowing costs that are straight attributable to the acquisition, development or development of a determining asset form part of the cost of that property. Other funding costs happen to be recognised as an expense. In respect to FRS 123 a great entity shall apply this Standard in accounting intended for borrowing costs. The Standard would not deal with some of the or imputed cost of value. An enterprise is not necessary to apply the typical to credit cost straight attributable to the acquisition, structure or production of a determining asset tested at good value as well as the inventories that are produced repetitively in large amounts.

The 2 companies i have chosen to do this project are Maldives Transport and Contracting Company Plc (MTCC) and Condition Trading Organization (STO).


The initially public business in Maldives was incorporated in the year 80. Maldives Transfer and Contracting Company Plc (MTCC) is a very first community company in Maldives. It absolutely was incorporated in 18 Dec 1980.

The good quest, vision and proper main values are definitely the major accomplishment of the company. MTCC's objective is to contribute fully, towards the development of the economy and the nation. MTCC mentioned its eye-sight as " to lead within our respective businesses through organic growth and collaborative development and creative imagination in this fast changing socio-economic environment exactly where we promote continuous staff development and be known as the firm to be trustworthy to deliver the particular customer wants”. According to MTCC there are as stick to: " 1 . Collaborative creativity and imagination -continuous improvement as a work ethics, 2 . Enhancing the work environment for employees -people growth and development, a few. Honesty and integrity -- respect the follow person,

4. Cultural responsibility -- community contribution and responsibility and five. Profit, yet profit from job that rewards the economy - profitable growth”.

MTCC strives to maintain it is market situation through lasting business development and ideal growth. MTCC is well known because the leading sea and property transport service provider and civil and underwater constructor. The business offers several types of services such because logistical businesses, modern transportation services, structure and job management providers. MTCC provide by-products of reputed product brands just like Caterpillar weighty machinery, Yanmar and Suzuki marine search engines, Hamilton propulsion system, Castrol lubricants and Sigma protecting coatings.


In 1964, a completely state-funded business was build by the Maldivian government with one crucial mission to start with: strengthening national food protection. It was after that named Athireemaafannu Trading Firm (ATA).

ATA was the starting of STO, and the catalyst for change in the Maldives. With verified success in contributing to national development, ATA matured to become the State Trading Organization (STO) on 9th June 1979. STO began all trading and industrial activity for the Maldivian government. The country was growing and so were its demands. While leftover true to its original quest, STO broadened its imports, first for an increasing volume of...


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