Table of contents site no

1 . Abstract some

2 . Organization profile 6

3. Opportunity and Purpose 7

5. System Requirements and examination 8 some. 1 . Problem definition almost 8

4. a couple of System guide 8

5. 2 . 1 ) Existing program 8

some. 2 . installment payments on your Proposed program 8

four. 3. Program architecture on the lookout for

4. four. Definitions, acronyms and abbreviations 10 five. Implementation problems 11

your five. 1 .. Net Frame Function 11

5. 2 . Asp. Net 16

5. several. Ado. Net 18

five. 4. Sql Server 2005 20

your five. 5. Html 22

a few. 6. IIS 22

6th. Software Requirements specifications 21 6. 1 . Modular explanation and functional requirements twenty-seven

6. installment payments on your Product Point of view 28

six. 3. Computer software Interface twenty eight

6. 5. Hardware User interface 29

six. System Design and style 30

six. 1 . System Models 32

7. 1 ) 1 . Usecase Diagrams 33

7. installment payments on your Usecase Information and Functionality 36 six. 3. Dataflow Diagrams 52

7. 5. Class Plan 60

six. 5. Active models 61

7. five. 1 . Pattern diagrams sixty one

8. Database Design 69

8. 1 . Normalization 75

8. installment payments on your ER Diagrams 71

eight. 3. Data Base Tables 73

9. Testing 83

9. 1 ) Types of testing 83

9. 2 . Test Circumstances 85

10. Sample screenshots 87

10. Conclusion and Future Scope 104

doze. Biblography a hundred and five

1 . FUZY

1 . you OBJECTIVE:

Aircarrier Reservation Program contains the information regarding flight schedules and its fare tariffs, traveling reservations and ticket information. An airline's inventory contains all routes with their obtainable seats. The inventory of your airline support is generally broken into three group of classes (e. g. Initially, Business or Economy class) and each category is having seats up to twenty six bookings, along with prices and reservation conditions. Inventory data is usually imported and maintained through a Schedule Distribution System more than standardized extremite. One of the main functions with the inventory managing of aircarrier reservations may be the inventory control. Inventory control steers just how many seats are available for different booking classes, by buying and selling individual reserving classes on the market. In combination with the fares and booking conditions stored in the Fare Quote System the price for each offered seat is determined.


1 . Registration module

2 . Administrative module

a few. Passenger module

1 . Enrollment module

In registration component first all of us ask traveling to give his details. Following registering around the passenger can log in to his or her own bank account and can watch all airline flight details including Timings, Prices, Availability of car seats and can publication the ticketed with exclusive ticket id. Once Passenger registered with us can publication any number of seats.

2 . Administrative component

Administrative module is presented to the reason of administrators to manage the site and update the information at regular intervals, Difficulties operations included in this module are:

* Create and maintain air travel schedule, cost and timings of the Trip. * See the passenger list.

* View the available car seats in the plane tickets.

* Terminate the tickets.

* Changing the trip schedule and timings and fare.

several. Passenger component

This component is meant to get passengers, in which a user working into his or her owns bank account will look at this panel. The major procedures included in this component were

* Perspective all aircarrier schedules, timings, fare specifics and seating availability. 2. Book pertaining to the tickets.

* Watch and rescheduling of the solution.

* Send out feedback....


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