A)As we watch the Bursatella leachii, (sea slug), all of us notice that the space between them can be directly proportionate to the time of day. As the sunlight because better, and larger in the time, the average length between the marine slugs greatens. As the sun becomes less strong, the distance between your sea slugs lessens.

I believe it has to do with the response the Bursatella leachii provides towards the sunshine. This hypothesis is based on the idea that the Bursatella leachii take in during the day. Considering they are not plant life and do not acquire energy from photosynthesis, that they get there nutrients from other pets or plants. Their food could be most significant in the day time, or maybe it really is easier to see, so they spread out to " hunt" during the day period.

Another varying that could trigger the slugs to vary their distance from another will be that the Bursatella leachii, throughout the day need more space than at nighttime, because the sunlight would be more powerful, giving water a higher temperatures during the day. In the daytime, the Bursatella leachii will have to be further apart to stop overheating inside the direct view of the sunlight. During the night, the Bursatella leachii could be nearer together, because the sun is not as strong, and they need to stay nice.

The Bursatella leachii is also huddling jointly at night pertaining to protection. In daytime, they can spread out, due to the fact they will see any kind of potential threat coming to them. Yet during the night, they can see, therefore they huddle close together to settle safe. B) If I would be to design a controlled test, I would take two trials. one in which the Bursatella leachii was placed in its regular environment. The 2nd sample could have the Bursatella leachii in a controlled environment, where we're able to control the brightness, night, and the temp of the water. Since we realize what happens if the Bursatella leachii are in contact with more comfortable water, we might use the second controlled sample, and tweak...



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