Burger Machine SWOT Research


Manufacturer Power

While said inside the paragraph above, Burger Machine's brand name is its primary " trump card” inside the burger stall market at present. When Filipinos think of affordable burgers from burger joints, they would probably think of Cheese burger Machine. This kind of increases their very own chances pertaining to repeat and impulse customers, which makes them stand out from their rivals. Taste

Aside from the company's good brand electricity, the remarkable taste of its burgers should be considered as one of its strengths. The company prides itself in creating exceptional sauces as well as having its personal special coleslaw. This allows the business to separate alone from its opponents and also can be useful for attracting more customers in the process. Weaknesses:


A stall's cleanliness is one of the most important determining factors of the company's organization. Stalls should always be kept because clean as possible and it would appear that Burger Equipment does not exactly adhere to these kinds of thinking. Hamburger machine stalls are usually older and rusty, for the corporation has not however changed how their joints have been offered and made all throughout these years. Location:

Area also takes on a vital part of in the total cleanliness of your stall. Cheese burger Machine joints are usually positioned in dark, grubby, and grubby streets. This adds up to the general unsatisfactory cleanliness of the meals stall. Management/ Service:

Lack of proper not work management also needs to be considered among the weaknesses which might be present in the company. Usually, one particular employee would be given the task of owning a Burger Equipment stall. With all the current foot traffic which the company may attract in a single day, the caliber of service that the stall provides to its customers typically takes a hit, because of the lack of employees. Opportunities:

High Demand for European food inside the Philippines:

Filipinos nowadays include adapted a westernized kind of mentality when it comes to eating food. The rise of...


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