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п‚ International company specializing in jetstream,

defence and security systems

п‚ Formed in 1999 as a result of a ВЈ7. six billion merger

involving Marconi Electronic Systems (a defence

electronics and naval shipbuilding company and

British Aerospace (an plane, ammunitions and

naval systems manufacturer)

п‚ Currently employ around 88, 200 people

worldwide. The headquarters can be found in

Greater london, but they have got operations all over the

earth. BAE's greatest operations will be based in the UK

and ALL OF US, where it really is one of the six largest suppliers

to the US Department of defence. Quotes, India

and Saudi Arabia are also key market segments for BAE.

BAE are currently involved in a wide range of markets

around the world, all relying heavily in technology.

Included in this are::

п‚ BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

п‚ BAE Systems Australia

п‚ BAE Systems India

п‚ BAE Systems Saudi Arabia

п‚ Combat Automobiles (UK)

п‚ Electronic Systems

п‚ Intelligence and Reliability

п‚ Programs and Solutions

п‚ Maritime

п‚ Armed forces Air and Information

п‚ Regional Airplane

п‚ Shared Services



3D Printing

The THREE DIMENSIONAL printing process involves making a solid, three dimensional item produced from a 3D digital model. 2 weeks . technique that BAE imagine could revolutionise how parts – in the event not, complete aircraft, one day, are made.

BAE are currently applying the 3D printing technology in different methods across the organization, from quick prototyping, to ground products and traveling parts. Cutting costs.

BAE are working with the RAF to print bits of ground support pieces, saving the RAF time and money with regards to repairs, routine service, and support of the Huracan aircraft. Only one part exclusively, a protective covering for a cockpit radio may be made in a day for less than ВЈ100. To date this has saved over ВЈ300, 1000, and over the next 4 years is projected to have a lowering of manufacturing costs of about ВЈ1. a couple of million



п‚ BAE have a very laissez faire administration style which means that employees possess a lot of freedom with regards to new tips, meaning a whole lot of innovation. п‚ BAE are frequently employing fresh graduates and working strongly with schools in order to keep advancement flowing, new ideas getting generated and in addition it permits BAE to help make the very the majority of new technologies. - An example of this is a collaboration with Cranfield University or college where they were able to develop one of the most significant 3D branded components to become made in the UK. BAE and Cranfield developed large ti spar section, which exhibited how the revolutionary technique could be used to generate large structural components to get aircraft in the near future. п‚ BAE are clearly at the forefront of this new-technology putting all of them ahead of any competition. Perfecting the 3D printing process will be of the huge edge to BAE by cutting down manufacturing moments as well as minimizing component costs. Customers are often drawn to the fact that 3D IMAGES printed components are likely to be quality as they will be lighter to make of fewer parts making them more reliable, which is extremely important in an industry such as defence and aerospace.


п‚ BAE Systems are successfully a monopoly in the UK. They lead the industry in the majority of the areas that they work in and possess very little competition because others struggle to contend.

п‚ Possibly on a global scale, BAE still have very little competition because they are the main supplier to businesses in most countries across the world. п‚ It is BAE Systems' large investments in technology which allows those to lead industry and even being based in the UK they can nevertheless be extremely competitive. In 2012 the UK BAE proceeds was ВЈ8. 2 billion mainly as a result of productivity in the company which has been 2 . 4x higher than great britain average....


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