Executive Summary

Barilla Health spa, an German pasta producer, is encountering amplified amounts of inefficiencies and rising costs due to variability in demand from the distributors. In order to bring points back in buy and to boost margins, Giorgio Magialli, the Director of Logistics in Barilla desires to implement a Just-In-Time Division (JITD) program that was proposed simply by his precursor Brando Vitali. This system can be entirely not the same as the existing installation and is staying opposed by simply both the suppliers and Barilla's Sales and Marketing Office.

In this report we have examined the reasons for this opposition by various quarters and have advised recommendations, that can allay this lack of support. We consider that in order to condense the Bullwhip effect being experienced by Barilla, their source chain would need to be Central. We have provided our explanation for the JITD system to operate and have advised recommendations to solve all existing issues. We think that a centralized supply cycle with Barilla controlling the requests will result in better margins for all the partners.

We expect that through our tips, Barilla will certainly succeed in influencing its vendors and Sales personnel to work together and implement the JITD system. This will not simply result in improved productivity in terms of time but as well promote trust and great relations among all the associates in the supply chain.


Barilla Day spa, an Italy based business, is the planet's largest Nudeln manufacturer. Excellent 35% business in Italy and a 22% market share in Europe. In addition to the family of pastas (macaroni, spaghetti, fusilli, etc . ) it also manufactures bread, cookies, biscuits, rusks, sauces, breadsticks, etc . Barilla has a extremely complex distribution network consisting of Grand Vendors (owned by simply large Superstore chains), Structured Distributors (independent third party distributors) in addition to its own depots. Due to this sort of a complex and multi-echelon network, Barilla has become experiencing huge amounts of variability in demand which can be resulting in operational inefficiency and increased production, inventory and distribution costs.

Brando Vitali, Barilla's ex-Director of Logistics, had proposed a Just-In-Time Circulation (JITD) program to countertop this demand variation. This product required the distributors to share their product sales data with Barilla, who would then outlook and deliver appropriate numbers of products to the distributors in the right time in order to effectively encounter desire. This was a radical differ from the current and even more traditional supply-chain setup where distributors are not sharing virtually any data and can place requests at will. Vitali's proposal received severe criticism from not only the distributors but also Barilla's individual Sales and Marketing office for an array of reasons.

Giorgio Magialli, Barilla's current Director of Logistics, is attempting to apply this thought since 2 yrs but have not made much progress. The objective through this report is usually to study the down sides and develop recommendations to resolve them.

Difficulty Description

We all will attempt to first list all the problems that are encountered by Barilla and the vendors so that we are able to better appreciate them in order to make recommendations that will eliminate all of them. The main injury in this case may be the fluctuating demand. Once this is brought manageable, many other challenges will be solved. Some of the causes of this rising and falling demand are:

•Promotions: Barilla's sales strategy relied seriously on the make use of promotions, as price, travel and volume level discounts. They divided the season into 12 to doze canvass or perhaps promotional periods, during which diverse products were offered at discount rates. These selling price discounts went from 1 . 4% to 10%. Barilla's amount discounts contained carton savings offered by revenue representatives as well as the transportation savings consisted of...


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