The Friendly Friar

In the episode Romeo and Juliet by simply William Shakespeare, Friar Lawrence can be described as kind, experienced, peacekeeping, and wise character. He also acts as a foil to the Montaques, Capulets, plus the nurse. He can a clergyman to both the Montaque and Capulet residences. He is a popular person inside the town of Verona. The Friar can be described as positive estimate the community and serves as a good role style for the youngsters of Verona. Friar Lawrence is wise, educated kind, and peace loving. When Romeo comes to tell Friar Lawrence about his proposal the Friar offers various wise items of advice. Such as when he says that small men's take pleasure in lies in their particular eyes he means for Romeo to make sure this individual loves Juliet for who have she is but not how she looks. He also tells Romeo that women may fall when there is absolutely no strength in men. Because of this if he is not secure and constant Juliet may become inconstant very little. His familiarity with Greek mythology and his wonderful understanding of vegetation show Friar Lawrence's higher level of education. When he is definitely collecting vegetation in the beginning of scene three he talks of the Ancient greek language god Ti (symbol). His mention of the Titan reveals he has had some history in mythology. Friar Lawrence also has a huge knowledge of flowers and plants. Friar Lawrence grows a magnificent garden which usually he has a tendency to during the time by which he is not fulfilling his church responsibilities. He echoes to Romeo about a flower that can be used to get healing or perhaps as toxin. This debate leads to a speech simply by Friar Lawrence about persons having a very good side and a bad area like the floral he spoke of. This kind of suggests that he has a background in beliefs. The friar is also incredibly kind and peace loving. He can speaks to Romeo as though they are close friends and Romeo seems to really enjoy being around the friar. That they laugh, laugh, and go over Romeo's like life displaying that Romeo is very comfortable around the friar. The friar is an all-around great guy. Inside the drama Friar Lawrence...


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