п»ї1- You are implementing a network. Using the Cisco hierarchal version, which level would addresses the construction of routers closest for the users? gain access to layer

2- The achievements of dynamic course-plotting depends on what?

automagic routing updates

3- When a router comes with an Ethernet user interface of E0, with a great IP address of 172. 23. 4. one particular, and the user interface uses a face mask of 255. 255. 255. 0, precisely what is the subnet number? 172. 31. 4. 0

4- Where on the router will the technician have to physically hook up his rollover cable in order to manage the device from a command line? console dock

5- What does the configuration signup need to be converted to in order to reset the router's enable key password on a router for which the password has been dropped? 0x2142

6- What is required to make a telnet link with a router? vty password, telnet treat, cable

7-whats the difference bt a routed and routing process?

routed- identify destination, routing- determine way

8- The wiring collection at the ends of a 10baseT cable can be 1-3, 2-6, 3-1, 6-2? What can this cable connection be used for? crossover cable connection - connects like gadgets

9- Coming from what method is the auxiliary password collection?

line config mode

10- Which cover up provides the most efficient use of ip addresses to get a Point to Point connection? 255. 255. 255. 252

11- What is the subsequent output a sign of on a show user interface command? (some output omitted) port can be off- admin down

12 What control could be accustomed to create a sub-interface?

int fa0/0. 1

choose show controllers cmd? determine if a time clock rate should be used

13- For what reason would you utilize the " demonstrate ip user interface brief” order? summerize cadre and claims

14- Precisely what is the default configuration enroll?


15- What order clears the memory with the NVRAM?

remove start

16- What information is shown by the " show version” command? current config regisitry

17- What command will certainly verify the vlan configuration?

show vlan brief

18- What...


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