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 COMPE 271 Essay

EE310 -- Spring 2013 - Midterm Exam # 2

Comes to an end, March 29th, 10am - 10: 55 am


This examination is definitely closed publication, closed notes, and calculators/cellphones/laptops etc may not be used. By simply signing this kind of document, you are pledging to adhere to the honor system proclaiming that all operate performed here is strictly the own hard work.

Limited partially credit offered for some challenges. Check your answers carefully to get arithmetic blunders.

List every assumptions, display all job and evidently indicate your answer.

Only one answer will be considered; more than one answer is definitely automatically rated incorrect. Work with top associated with an erasure will be not be reconsidered for any reason after the exam is returned; group and pull a collection through work to be discarded.

You have approximately 50 moments to take this kind of examination. Good luck!

Name/Last five digits of RedID




Problem you: Power in Sinusoidal Brake lines (5 back button 4 sama dengan 20pts. )

Find (i) the average electrical power, (ii) the reactive power,

(iii) the complex electricity absorbed by load inside the

circuit below and also (iv) the power aspect

(numerical worth and leading or lagging) if

i g sama dengan 40 cos(5000t )mA.


, Q=

, S i9000 =

, PF =

, leading/lagging (circle one)

Problem two: Basics of Laplace Changes (10 pts. )

Discover L t 2 e −2t + 10 sin( 3t + 45 o ) using only the Laplace enhance pairs, the properties from the Laplace transform (not the methods in the formula sheet, just what you are given below), and math details that are presented below. a) sin(A+B) sama dengan sinAcosB & cosAsinB, b)




D e − at =

, L sin( ωt ) = two

, L cos(ωt ) = 2

, and



h +ω

s +ω2


c) D ∑ α k f k (t ) = ∑ α k Fk ( s i9000 ), and L tf (t ) = − ds


 k

F ( s ) = D t 2 e −2t + 10 sin(3t + 45o ) sama dengan

Problem several: Initial/Final Benefit Theorems and Solving Ballade (3 & 7 & 4 sama dengan 15pts. )




a) For the differential...

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