CRITICAL RESEARCH of employing of SOCIAL MEDIA in recruitment


IMPORTANT ANALYSIS of using of SOCIAL MEDIA in recruitment


Executive Summary

In this survey I have seriously analysed Biocon's recruitment plan keeping in mind its usage of social media. This record helps to identify the lacunas of applying social media in the recruitment method. In the age of the internet the candidate industry in the Biotechnology segment is extremely sensitive. I have taken eagle's eye view on the process related to Biocon. Plus part of the recruiting team at Biocon for more than 5 years and I possess part of the change management group at Biocon where I had been instrumental in bring about a fresh thought process of using social media in recruitment. I have intentionally not described few procedures in the recruitment cycle because of company policy. The recruiting policy continues to be thoroughly looked at in this report and a balanced analysis have been done. As using social websites in recruitment is a very latest event little of academic quotation has been noticed in the internet. I have particularly applied blogs of senior recruiting specialist that is currently employing social media intended for recruitment. Social websites in recruitment is still in the nascent stage and there is no magic pill regarding what a business can carry out or not to do. In this report I have highlighted on a better quality thought process due to changing business environment in India. Specific recommendation which I have critically analysed is merely in circumstance to marketplaces in India and my recommendations can differ region to region. This is due to cultural interpretation of social media communications.


1 . 0 Introduction4

1 . one particular About the company4

1 ) 2 Great the company4

1 . three or more Work Culture5

1 . 5 Intellectual Profile of Biocon6

1 . five Scenario of Manpower source in India in circumstance to Biotechnology6

1 . 6th Structure of Biocon HUMAN RESOURCES Team6

2 . 0 Process of Recruitment at Biocon7

installment payments on your 1 Pre-20077

2 . 2 Post-20078

2 . 3 Using Social Media9

3. zero Critical Analysis10

3. one particular Continued Range of recruitment process10

a few. 2 Competitors in India and other expanding nations. 11

3. a few Resurgence in the US overall economy. 12

a few. 4 Substantial attrition in house. 12

5. 0 Conclusions and recommendations12


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From this report I will be discussing about the recruitment procedure for Biocon and critically analysing the use of Social websites to attract talent. I will be describe the entire procedure and will review how social websites has helped change the complete process. 1 . 1 About the company

Biocon Limited (www.Biocon.com) is an integrated Biotechnology company which can be into Biotechnology research. They may have 3 subsidiaries Syngene, Clinigene and Biocon research Middle. Syngene is into Pre-clinical research, Clinigene is into clinical analysis and Biocon Research Middle is in drug discovery. Each of these subsidiaries have a very certain role inside the entire business operations in Biocon. (Biocon, 2012) 1 . 2 History of the company

Biocon was started in 1975 by Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw in age in which women experienced very little or perhaps insignificant position in part of Business. In 1975 almost all of the business plus the government had less or no idea regarding Biotechnology plus more over a girl driven company was unprecedented. Ever since the beginning she were required to face complications not only convincing people to invest but it really was obtaining difficult to get people to function under a ladies. She was determined to overcome the cultural challenges and she did this kind of by facing with technological challenges to build India's initially Biotechnology Firm. Within a...

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