Nepal Unity in Diversity

As we both know that Nepal is around the world known as the just Hindu Land and it is a matter of Pride to all Nepali's living in the Country and to those too who have migrated to another Country for Business, Job and other related reasons.

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I actually my-self becoming a 'Nepali' were required to stay out of Nepal from my childhood for Better Education and better living, This is the reason my spouse and i don't know very much detail regarding NepaliSamaj and various other cultural History's of this Wonderful Land. Many of us who remain in other region are called since Nepalese but when i came back home, I have learned that Nepalese are for individuals that stay in Nepal such as persons from India are called Indians.

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Since my days past in Nepal i actually came through a large number of people who are Nepalese but they also have got a sub-caste for electronic. g., Magar, Tamang, Sherpa, Newar, Gurung and many such more who also share equal rights. In one line they are called as " Indigenous Nationalities"  of Nepal. As per the last ten years sensex arrived at know that Magar's are the optimum habitants residing in all over Nepal. I was very happy to know this kind of as I, myself belong to Magar sub-caste. Further to my own knowing i stumbled upon places where there was churches and mosques and Gurudwara's produced and I also saw persons going to these kinds of holy places to praise. At first I was astonish to look for these ay places situated in Nepal but then I could likewise figure that individuals are no even more living in 20th Century but have widened are vision's and admiration other religions too.... In fact it is a matter of individual choice whether this individual prefers to practice his religious beliefs by delivery or he wishes to convert.

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I do appreciate how difficult you should except the facts but We also think that Nepal keeps growing and the public awareness about respecting each other peoples religion is definitely must. The conclusion of my own article ends with single line which we now have already researched in our individual schools " UNITY IN DIVERSITY". " unity without uniformity and variety without...


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