Year 10- Assessment Task 5- DRAFT Deductive response-

Name: Emily Campbell

Because of: Email on your teacher by simply Thursday 18th June 2015 (week 9) Paragraph:

The response:


-Explain the central disagreement of ‘A most desastroso man' -Cleary state if you acknowledge or differ with this kind of argument. -- If you DISAGREE, state for what reason and who have you think is liable for the misfortune of Romeo and Juliet. -If you AGREE, point out why.

'A most detestable man', written by Christine Marlowe, strongly says that Friar Laurance is usually not the reason for Romeo and Juliet's death but destiny is. Destiny is most accountable for the disaster for the next reasons: these were called " star-crossed" lovers, therefore regardless of what anyone else would in the perform it wouldn't have made a positive change; the whole world was against them which everyone's fate is sealed. I differ that friar Laurance may be the cause of Romeos and Juliet's death and this fate helped bring Romeo and Juliet together and that they perished together. Plan

-Explain the argument the writer develops about the plot in Romeo and Juliet. -- What facts is used to back up the argument?

- explain why you support or refute this kind of claim. Employ evidence from your play to substantiate your opinions.


Make clear the argument the writer develops about characterisation in Romeo and Juliet. -- What evidence is used to support the disagreement?

- clarify why you support or refute this claim. Make use of evidence in the play to substantiate your opinions.


- Re-state if you ACKNOWLEDGE or ARGUE with the disagreement presented in ‘A the majority of lamentable man'. -Summarise your opinions about storyline and characterisation and how they support the claim. -DON'T introduce any kind of new data!


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