Byzantine Disposition


Often known as Istanbul, Byzantium, Eastern Roman Empire. Constantine moved capital to Constantinople. Justinian

Ruled from 527-565. Military conquests, rebuilds metropolis, law code. From Miscuglio. Adopted. A new lot of wise people employed in his administration. Retook Rome as a way to get yourself a larger taxes base. Wanted to restore religious unity, scared Jesus was returning and wanted Ancient rome back to the truly amazing city it had been. Theodora

Justinian's wife. " Dancer” has been a prostitute. Co-ruler of the Empire. Wise negotiator. During riots in Constantinople she told Justinian he needed to take care of his city. Hagia Sophia

Justinian restored many buildings. Built many reports ones. Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom) Biggest most beautiful Catholic church in the world at the time. Both roman Law Code

Complicated, unorganized. Organized and explained Both roman Law in one text. A new model for law codes used in various countries today. Defined and explained terms. Broke down regulations into both natural, municipal, national. Petrine Doctrine

The Petrine Regle is based after Catholic tradition, which proclaims the capacity and supremacy of the Pope over all other bishops in the Catholic Church.


Arab Peninsula

Seperates middle east from Africa. Hot and dry local climate. Effects identification and tradition of people living there. Desert with Beauty. Center for trade. Pre-Muslim Culture

Constructed around caravans, and people that function as traders. Tribal culture. Bedouin. Tribal preventing for beauty. Violent, lot of fighting inside among Arabians themselves. Mohammed

Born about 570-632. Brought up in Mecca, thriving transact port. Messenger, not likely to worship Muhammad. Both his parent's perish. Raised by simply Uncle who is a Bedouin trader. Grows up feeling as an outsider. Thoughtful, religiously fascinated guy, normal guy. Considered to be someone you may go to along with your problems or perhaps diplomatic worries. Had a eyesight of the angel Gabriel, Gabriel told him he...


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