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Essay title: factors that lead to enthusiasm killing

Interactions are meant to be enjoyed by simply both the people involved in it. Joy, joy, appreciate, freedom and safety or perhaps care should be visible and felt in romantic relationships. Apart from these benefits or good things about relationships, there are a few disadvantages surrounded in some interactions. These disadvantages cause visitors to be fearful and to shortage peace and freedom in their lives. Inside the today's universe, most loving relationships have life threatening and horrifying experience due to the fact that individuals are mostly not true or ready to accept their partners. The disadvantages that result from relationships would be the opposite of the advantages that occur in human relationships; therefore these disadvantages cause serious scenarios or cause more serious and irreversible outcomes such as homicide, which is known as passion eradicating in terms of intimate relationships. Love killing is the killing of another person by simply another person whom that person [victim] was engaged or linked with in a romance. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia defines love killing as being a criminal action in which the criminal commits against the law of murder against an individual because of immediate strong instinct such as unexpected rage or heartbreak instead of as a premeditated crime. This kind of despised result where many relationships of nowadays visit, commonly known as passion killing is fueled, or perhaps caused by a number of factors. Many of these include socio-economic status, the necessity to have power over the other, selfishness, envy, insecurity, lack of understanding, poor communication, infidelity, lack of direction, poor understanding in what a person could really like in marriage wise and mental sick health occasionally. Gerson sindano, a master of arts in The english language student, inside the department of language and literature studies, faculty of humanities and social science at the University or college of Namibia, wrote in the New Era news daily news. He says that instead of looking for real like, some guys are trying to get love with money or any kind of souple or components. He continues to give suggestions that this kind of love that may be held or perhaps based on material items can be dangerous to both the persons involved in it. Therefore people should look for true and authentic love that wont disappear if the money will finish. The end result of fake love is discontentment and loss in wealth; this also leads to the dilemma of interest killing, just because a person will not accept losing his or her money or belongings and be kept, hurt or disappointed at the conclusion. Some people desire something inturn and if they may be not paid out or presented their items back, the full relationship that seemed to be full of love, happiness and joy, can turn right into a nightmare. A relationship should be a fifty/ 60 [50/50] point, where by both the people involved can go to town freely, with out fear of the other. Problems comes in once one individual in the relationship opts or desire to have control over the other as well as to have power over the different. This control or power can be affected by physical body structure in men, and success in women. Guys are believed to get naturally better or effective than girls, and due to that they desire to control girls to do their desires instead of doing what they wish; of trigger resistance is often experienced in such circumstances. Clinical psychiatrist Dr . Shaun Whittaker talked to the Windhoek observer and said that, we all live in a male completely outclassed country, where men still have power and continue to will to have electrical power over ladies. Due to this, men are handling their ladies and if a female resists carrying out the will in the men,...

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