This is job will talk about detail regarding countries with the GDP per capita and population progress. An economist like Robert Solow believes that in the event population elevating then the outcome will be lessening. The question is do every countries that fall in inhabitants growth is richer than countries that still have higher population progress? Therefore , here we begin to examine the popular theory of Robert Solow, Solow unit. Is it constantly right or it simply applied for several countries? GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT per household represent income per person in a country and it reflect the level of result in a region. Population progress is playing crucial part in a country since some country have their personal believe just like, if we have an overabundance children we will be more lucky, quality is a lot important than quantity this means its okay to have kids only one or two so long they graduate student at college or university and have high quality life, sometimes country have policies about family member or how many child every family can have.

Nation 1| Nation 2

Afghanistan| Algeria

Bahrain| Argentina

Ethiopia| Chile

Mali| Cote d'Ivoire

Nepal| Republic of ecuador

Rwanda| Egypt, Arab Representative.

Timor Leste| Haiti

Region 1 sama dengan Country with high populace growth

Region 2= Nation with low population development

All of these countries are expanding countries, the place that the comparison data is used by 1960 to 2008 for each country

Country with large population growth (Country 1) is a region where the populace growth is definitely greater than or equal to actually zero (> =0). Where as in 1960 to 2008 the citizenry growth is definitely increasing. Region with low population growth (Country 2) is a country where the population growth less than or corresponding to zero (=< 0). This means the population growth from 60 to 2008 is reducing. Firstly, we will talk about countries with high populace growth (Country 1). Bahrain population progress is the greatest growth between 45 developing countries, the population growth rate is 2 . 4%....


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