Some people feel that young people will need to follow practices of the world, while other people feel that young people needs to be free to become individuals. Go over both views and give the opinion.

in contemporary society, the teenagers are sketching even more concours. people carry contrasting sights over wether young people will need to follow traditions of world or liberated to behave as individual. ( there is absolutely no consensus on…)

in my opinionпјЊeach view has its merits.

young people should stick to traditions from the society to some degree. traditions of society involves the way to contact people, the way to deal with office, etc . it can make a lot of sense for being tradition. complying with the social tradition helps young people to blend in the society fast and easy without misunderstanding and frustration of feeling alienated and aloof simply by others, making a more harmony world.

following the social rules assist to stabilise the society and keep crimes level low. some young people los understood the idea to respond freely, that they behave reckless and daring, they are irresponsible and impolite. instilling associated with the idea with following the tradition would curb those people by committing crimes or producing a mess via very early stage therefore boost the open public security and peace.

yet indiscriminately making sure that you comply with the rules bring about cons far further than advantages.

firstly, it restrained and control the creativity in technology and organization development.

the younger generation are characterised by their imagination and development, without a selected thinking model they can usually jump out of the box and create fresh ideas. small zack hamburger founded Facebook . com with his very own ideas of dating and matching. Mayun of Ali group in a big way transformed the web trading of china.


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