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 How to Write Cv of any Graphic Designer Article

Ankit Pant

B-, Nirala Nagar •Lucknow • UP • India • +91 • ankit. [email protected] com В


|Nationality: |India | |Birth time: |31stВ October, 1982 | |Gender: |Male | |Marital Position: |Single | |Number of Dependants: |0


To get an obtaining position that allows me to find valuable industrial experience and improve the design skills that we gained as part of my degree course and academic assignments. Excellent expertise in Photoshop, Corel Pull. Strong troubleshooting skills, knowledgeable about cross-browser and cross-platform concerns. В

Summary of Qualifications:

With about 7 years of experience in designing and printing, I possess developed a strong skill set that features in-depth understanding of client requirements. I are extremely prompt and have completed all my projects/assignments on time. Within my fresher years in College or university I performed for the Campus Police Department while radio in control. This was an extremely challenging work as my job was going to provide help officers upon patrol. I think this work helped me be in discipline. My personal next task in my more fresh years with Greyhound Bus services only improved interaction skills with people as I worked in public contact. An desire to achieve efficiency at every assigned task & a may do attitude help me in achieving objectives that seem hard to achieve. With the help of natural leadership characteristics I lead teams to attain their common & specific goals. My key parts of expertise happen to be in great interpersonal expertise, performance evaluation & ability to work with a group and business lead a group. В

Key Skills:

Logo and Symbol Creation

Understanding of Produce Process

Growing Corporate Identity Devices


Advertising and marketing Development (Print, Transit, Environmental)

Promotional Design

Publication Design

Data Entry/Formatting

Presentation Development and Delivery

Computer Fine-tuning

Template, Design Development and Usage

Pictures (35mm, Digital)

Understand Color Theory and Usage

Stock Photography and Usage

Drawing (Pencil, Charcoal, Prisma Color, 2D design)

Oil Art work.

Key Computer software:

Adobe Photoshop

Quark Xpress

Macromedia Freehand


Corel Draw

Ms Word

Ms Power Point


Coming from Nov 2010 to Neha Enterprises

Present Lucknow, India


Taking care of Clients

Building for the client

Operation of Printing Machine (Flexo Graphic) Printing and Quality control

|From Dec 2007 to |В | |Nov 2010 |NIVA | | |Lucknow, В IndiaВ | | |Creative Director | | |В | | |Currently Handling An Advertisement Agency. | | |Managing clients | | |Handling typing and Data access assignments...

References: available upon request

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How to Write Cv of the
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