Panera breads Ronald Shaich, CEO and chair man of Panera bread manufactured a phenomenal growth in earnings of the firm from $350. 8 million to bucks 977. you million in just 3 years by year 2k to 2003. However the progress has continuing slowing down as a result year about so a technique is being strategized to help Panera Bread survive.

The objective should be to make Panera a country wide dominating company by following a company strategy of growth by combination of business and operation efforts. Having a clear aim it would help the company and its staff to know their goal and what exactly they are achieving for.

The concept should be to deliver up against the key buyer trends; to present a fast everyday dining experience but as well providing types of new and healthier choices to look after the market sectors. Improvements are carried out not only the merchandise but as well improving the entire operating systems, design and style and real estates. To get the company's graphic participating in the area community charity for corporate and business social responsibility.

The procedures are all dispenses are to stick to the same specifications for merchandise quality, menu, site variety, and bakery cafГ© building as the company's. The company presumed that the worker was a important part of good product and a unique organization so by entrusting the employees to the clean dough and support centre operations with skilled associates and invested in training applications to ensure the top quality and its procedures.

Recommended technique

Panera is to adopt Development strategy through horizontal the usage and applying franchising as its key aspect of Panera's expansion strategy. The reason behind continuing the horizontal incorporation is because does not have the functions to employ total backward/ ahead integration. Therefore vertical the use is certainly not suitable in this instance. The horizontally integration fits with the Panera's concept bakery-cafes and it is the way for Panera to be able to develop more rapidly.

Competitive strategy employed is Difference, employing the Differentiation technique; Panera will be able to charge larger prices to protect the increasing fixed costs. However with high quality products than of fast food chains', personalized menus, upscale dГ©cor and Panera's commitment to buyer it is very possible to demand higher value.

Improvements needs to be made in a persons Resource department in compensation & rewards system. Salaried staffs acquire product lower price, bonuses, bonus programs, schooling, and employee stock possession plans nevertheless salaried member of staff should be compensated too through recognition & award system or handing out vouchers towards the non salaried workers.

Supervision team

The management team would be business lead by all of the executives and presidents inside the company who may have and intensive experience in managing and executing the Panera business. Mainly to control all the significant sectors like the Concept, Creation, Joint Venture, Business, Supply Chain, Operating, Financial and the Administrative.


Panera bread has been around by 1976. Ronald Shaich, CEO and chairman of Panera bread was the person who created the company together with the master baker called Shaich who mixed ingredients. The duo made the phenomenal growth of the company together with the guidance of Shaich, the revenue of Panera loaf of bread rose coming from franchise of 419 retailers, the average annualized unit amounts (AUVs) increased from on the lookout for. 1% to 12% a well but in the consecutive year the increase decelerate from 0. 2% to 0. 5%.

Just before it became a really successful business, there was Au Bon Soreness which was purchased by Louis Kane in 1978. The bakery faced a $3 , 000, 000 in debt whilst struggling with 13 stores although 10 was shut down. Ronald Shaich arrived to the picture when ever Kane was about to announce bankrupt. Shaich who possessed a food handling business: Cookie Jar merged along with Au Bon Pain in 1981 these was to...


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