The Kite Jogger

Khaled Hosseini's " The Kite Runner, ” revolves around an important theme of sin and payoff. In Hosseini's novel, payoff is significant because bad thing is so consistent. Amir clears the story by simply telling all of us not about how precisely precisely he sinned, but regarding sin's durability. Throughout the new, the theme of Sin and Redemption can be evident through the entire actions of the main personas, Baba and Amir as they sin and plead for redemption. Over the novel, the protagonist, Amir weighs every event against his sin, his unfaithfulness of Hassan. He problems to find a goal in life; he is determined to handle the consequences of his trouble, seeking redemption. As Hassan went to get the blue kite for Amir, he leaped into Assef in the intersection way. Hassan refused to provide Assef the kite since it belonged to Amir. Amir peeked into the intersection way and saw Hassan getting raped. He had 1 last possibility to make a decision. " I actually ran because I was a coward. ” (Hosseini 77) Amir can be comparing himself to a coward. A coward is a one who shamefully falls short of in the courage to do something and Amir was a coward. He could have saved Hassan, his brother but he was afraid Assef would damage him and did not desire to put himself in danger. So he allowed Assef to rape Hassan. As we master towards the novel's end, Amir is not the only figure who seeks for redemption. Baba was also placed guilty pertaining to his earlier sins while Rahim Khan Mentions in the letter to Amir. " Your daddy like you was a tortured soul. ”(Hosseini 301) Rahim Khan is trying showing Amir what he is dealing with, probably just isn't even near comparison of what his daddy has been through. His meaning of a tormented soul can be because he can be showing more love to Amir than his real son because he refused his kid. It's certainly not that this individual wanted to nevertheless it's because this individual wanted to maintain his friendship with Ali and not reduce Hassan. That's why his cardiovascular system parts in two. Baba committed a sin of theft and Amir determined sin by betraying Hassan for his own...


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