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27 Drive 2013

Anti-Feministic Leaders

In the essay " Taking a nip out of Twilight” Carmen Siering makes points that Bella, the key character in Twilight, is usually anti-feministic. Siering shows this kind of through showing the reader that Bella needs either Edward cullen or John to survive, that Edward has to keep the relationship abstinent, and saying that Bella can't help to make good decisions on her personal.

A very good feminist personality wouldn't want little to no support from a male character, but which is not the case for Bella through the series. Siering points out for the reader that Bella demands the safety of one from the stronger man characters " Edward isn't only protective, even though, but typically over-protective of Bella” (par 7). The group can tell that Siering was making which the point that good feminist character types don't need to end up being protected by a man and that they can take proper care of themselves if the going gets tough.

An additional characteristic of a strong woman is to be capable of controlling herself and her body. Bella includes a problem of control when she is in times with Edward cullen which makes Edward cullen have to help and stop her. " Using their very first kiss, she is fighting to control her awakening sexuality” (par 4). Siering implies that without Edwards's restraint the young few wouldn't have been completely able to stay asketisk. " With Edward because the keeper of the couple's purity…but should the decision regarding when a few is ready to move forward sexually become one they earn together? ” (Par 5) Siering also show that Bella can be not a innovator but is actually a follower in the male personas. Strong frontrunners are able to make good decisions which is something that Bella would not do very well. " Some supporters may believe Bella is a strong figure and that the girl makes her own decisions, but the handful of decisions your woman does help to make are usually proved to be bad kinds, and they often lead to an individual (generally Edward) having to preserve her” (par 9). Even when leaders don't make the...

Offered: Siering, Carmen D. " Taking a attack out of Twilight”, From inquiry to Academic Writing second ed. Stuart, Greene and April Lindinsky, Boston: Bedford. 2012. 438-441. print.


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