Percy Knutson the lightning thief is a fictional history about ancient Greek mythology and adventure! The primary character from the story can be Percy Jackson son of Poseidon, the " ocean god” which makes him a demigod or perhaps half-blood if you would like to call it up that. Another important character is Grover. Grover is Percy Jacksons closest friend, and his guard, he is a satyr. A satyr is actually a half guy half goat. Last Crucial character is Annabeth, little girl of Athena; which makes her a expert of conflict combat. The best part of the account is if a Minotaur gets rid of Percy's mom and Percy Jackson gets rid of the Minotaur. It is crazy because he eliminates the animal with one of its own horns! A Minotaur is a big bull kind of creature, dispatched from Hades. Hades may be the ruler in the underworld or " Hades” as they call it. Percy Knutson goes on this unique journey with his friends Grover and Annabeth to save his mother from Hades and prove that he's not the lightning thief. The super thief is really Luke, one more demigod from camp half-blood. Luke is definitely the son of Hermes, the messenger intended for the gods. Apparently Henry wanted to start a war among the Gods. This story is filled with great adventure, mystery, and excitement! All over out the story it kept me on my toes. I could see the movie and read the publication and I realized that there were a lot of distinctions, but for the most part the plot slept the same. In the movie cartel it shows a part in the story, that i like, dislike, and was confused about. The things i liked about this is once Percy slain the Minotaur. The part My spouse and i disliked is definitely when I thought his mother Sally passed away. This portion also puzzled me because I did not find out she was still alive.


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