PKK Assault and Kurdish Identity

Abraham Alshawish

His 482

Teacher Forbes

Firday, May, fifteenth, 2009


Problem that is the lacking piece of the puzzle for peace in the Middle East comes up by hardly any: Will the Kurds ever have got a state that belongs to them? When 1 looks at the center East post World one particular, after the break of the Ottoman Empire, 1 sees the formation of countries just like Trans-Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Lebanon, and other close by regions. Colonial time powers acquired promised gets to a various tribal market leaders throughout the area but one- the Kurds. This session we had the chance to explore questions that are vital to the understanding of this course. Concerns such as: what exactly is terrorist? Exactly how define terrorism? What is express terrorism? How exactly does one become a terrorist? Why does one choose the path of any terrorist? The moment and for what reason do ladies involve themselves in terrorism? Throughout the look for these answers we saw a change in our personal perspective of terrorism and then for some we even come to a new understanding of why persons do the things they do with the intention of freedom, religious beliefs, or any ideology for that matter. All of us learned that terrorism is a approach that has been used by many groups of persons throughout the centuries and for some of these groups, they now sit in power and run governments they made through terrorism. As a category we created our own meaning of terrorism since there is no universal meaning of the term. The meaning we agreed stated that: Terrorism is a tactic or method employed by individuals and groups in resistance to a situation or in service of a condition to result or prevent social and/or political transform. В It includes the premeditated use of physical violence or the menace of physical violence to systematically induce anxiety and stress in a civilian population. Taking into consideration the above definition and researching about the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), I realize that this definition of terrorism labeled the PKK a terrorist organization. Like various students, I discovered myself taking a look at terrorism through a new zoom lens. I understood, without a doubt, the PKK fits the information of a terrorist organization and so they use terrorism to achieve even more rights and the chance to create a homeland. Following reading many facts at the rear of the PKK, other than getting labeled as terrorists, they determine themselves since an anti-colonial, nationally oppressed people that have used arms because of a lack of privileges and ill treatment by the Turkish government which has made them need their own area. From the above statement one can conveniently state that they can be a secessionist movement that wanted to have their own land to control and guideline from the southern region eastern area of Turkey that they would rename Kurdistan.


The PKK was best for the Kurdish people or in other words that it elevated a sense of Kurdish identity within a people that were insecure of themselves. The violence of the PKK against the Turkish authorities incited Kurds to look into their origins and focused their identity as a people, and that was a good thing, yet , the methods the PKK took beneath the guise penalized an oppressed people that needed freedom did not justify the innocent civilian cost and infrastructure harm they ?nduced in Turkey. One can quickly sympathize with the plight of the Kurds after studying the many illegal laws that worked against them in Turkey and assault that they endured, but the PKK was more aggravating to the Kurdish people than beneficial. My personal argument for this paper is that if a minority or ethnic group can be oppressed within a democratic contemporary society, then terrorism can be a method that can improve an identity of a people, however , will not help obtain long term political goals and does more injury than best for a people over time. Since the most of Kurds live in Turkey, this kind of research newspaper will concentrate on the undertakings of the Kurdish people in Turkey throughout the time period of when the PKK...

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