Definition of plagiarism

Our education system today requires students to write a lot of content every week and it’s expected that they do so while closely following all standards of proper academic writing. Plagiarism is completely unacceptable in academic writing, but students often commit it because they don’t properly understand what plagiarism is or how to better avoid it.

To put it simply, plagiarism is using someone else’s work in your own without giving them proper credit. That doesn’t seem particularly hard to avoid, but many students still don’t have the required level of knowledge and skill to write authentic academic work and not to rely much on the source material. It is not easy to properly cite ideas from everyone you read, and sometimes you’re not even sure what precisely has to be cited. Plagiarism isn’t just quoting chunks of someone’s work verbatim; it’s using someone else’s ideas without giving them proper credit, even if you said that in your own words. It is even possible to plagiarize yourself from an earlier essay you wrote. Many sources of information that differ in tone can make it difficult for you to make a clear and concise paper that is stylistically well-written.

What are the risks of submitting plagiarized content?

If your teacher discovers that parts of your paper are plagiarized, depending on the severity, he might make you write an entire assignment all over again or to give you a poor grade. You will lose a lot of your time and you will stress about it a lot. Plagiarism might even cause a disciplinary action against you at the university, with a suspension or even a ban. Rules get more and more strict as you progress with higher education. PhD undergraduates might even lose previous degrees if they are accused of academic plagiarism. Only new and original content that adds something unique to your chosen field of studies is accepted at that level. Even lawsuits for copyright infringement are not uncommon anymore.

Getting plagiarism–free content today

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