Postmodern/Complexity Adaptive Systems Reduce Bureaucratic Errors Melissa J. Reed

MHA 601 Principles of Health Care Supervision

Instructor: Alisa Wagner


Postmodern/Complexity Adaptable Systems Reduce Managerial Problems

Healthcare is among the fastest growing industries. Because the world about us is evolving, health-related organizations must develop new an effective methods to manage. With the many adjustments consistently innovating around all of us, managerial mistakes have elevated with inefficient management expertise. Postmodern/complexity adaptable systems can assist organizations while we are avoiding these problems. This conventional paper will make clear ten mistakes and make clear applying (CAS) will give better solutions to help managers in avoiding these stumbling blocks. The initial error a manager according to Johnson (2009) " screwing up to account for employees' capability to learn secure machine operation methods by experimenting automatically with ways to speed up production and thereby reduce the hard work they are necessary to us. ” (p. 80). This strategy turns into a problem since it puts limitations on how staff can perform their particular job. (CAS) offers an useful and good solution which gives employees the liberty to self-organize themselves that best fits how they perform their job. According to Manley (2009), " CAS theory teaches us that order in a system may well be a reaction to the homes of the program itself, instead of some intentionality on the part of several external control. Rather than hierarchical control, CATASTROPHE are seen as ‘decentralized, bottom-up process of co-design. ” (p. 70). The 2nd error in respect to Johnson (2009) " Putting every employees throughout the same alignment program irrespective of differences in cultural interpretations of organizational hierarchies and therefore missing the opportunity of conflict amongst employees and between workers and managing caused by diverse expectations of roles. ” (p. 80). When I worked well in the healthcare, one of the major...

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