Will I be protected if I order from you?

We rely on customers’ satisfaction solely as our source of work and income. That’s why Our Site has a privacy policy that is designed to keep your data confidential and protected from outside third parties access. We have an outstanding software protecting our database and only website administrators are allowed to access it. We collect data only to make your order technically possible and we do not share, rent, sell or exchange data about our clients with any companies or organizations. All data we collect will be used solely to make your experience on our website enjoyable, simple and easy. Every content that is shared between Our Site webpage and you will be thoroughly scanned for viruses, malware and spyware by the leading specialized software that we keep regularly updated.

What type of information will we keep?

You will need to provide us your name, email address, phone number and the details of your order. We collect this information so that we can be able to communicate with you directly about matters that are connected to your order specifically, and to keep you informed about our rates, new offers and discounts.

We will also make sure that your payments are extremely secure and protected. You will need to submit data for your credit card if that’s your preferred way of payment but that data will be used strictly for that and not shared with anyone else. It might be necessary to show some valid ID for the purposes of verifying your credit card account in order to protect you from any type of manipulations with your money. Our software that manages payments is closely monitored and any unauthorized access to your data regarding payments will not be allowed.

Additional information we might collect

We will collect some information based on your browser activity when you access our website. That is for statistical purposes only, and your IP address will not be revealed to any third party for any reason whatsoever. We use that data to select your timezone, to offer you special discounts as a repeated client and to customize your user experience on our website. We use cookies for some of the features of our website such as live chat, so they might not work properly if cookies are disabled in your browser. It is impossible to track you or identify you using this; all that this data is for is to make sure Our Site page runs smoothly on your device.

We will have to disclose our clients in special cases required by law, but that does not force us to reveal our users to universities or teachers. We would never jeopardize your academic career and the fact that you’ve ordered an essay from us will never be known to the public. We value our clients’ comfort and satisfaction immensely and we welcome you to contact our live chat support team if you have any questions, issues or insecurities about hiring us. They are available for 24 hours every day and they will be glad to assist you with whatever might be troubling you.