Task Execution Plan


The VERVE is the key document intended for the managing of a job. It is a assertion of procedures and methods defined by project movie director, although usually developed by the project administrator for the project sponsor/project director's authorization. It sets out in a methodized format the project range, objectives and relative focus. For non-construction projects observe Project prepare. В

Exercise for goal:

Does the PEP:

Include programs, procedures and control processes for job implementation and for monitoring and reporting improvement? Define the role and responsibilities of most project members, and is a method of ensuring that everyone knows, accepts and carries out their very own responsibilities? Decide the mechanisms for review, review and feedback, by simply defining the reporting and meeting requirements, and, in which appropriate, the criteria for 3rd party external assessment? В Suggested contents:

A great deal of PEP will probably be standardised, but the standard will need to be modified to fulfill the particular conditions of each project. A typical PEP might cover the items here, although some may appear within number of headings with a get across reference system employed in order to avoid duplication:

Task definition and brief;

Functions, responsibilities and authorities;

Task cost plan and cost management techniques;

Risk and sensitivity research;

Programme management;

Contracting and procurement;

Management systems and procedures;

Security and environmental issues, such as the construction style and supervision regulations; Quality assurance;

Commissioningt; and

Post job evaluation.


The VERVE will change as a project moves along through its design and construction levels. It should be a dynamic record regularly current and termed as a communication tool, in addition to a control reference point. Source data:

Project simple

Business circumstance

Further information:

Project management seance


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