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Professor 3rd there’s r. G. Moses

Professional Ethics

1 September 2012

Ptah-Hotep: Ethical Criteria

Ptah-Hotep provides a clear comprehension of how this individual perceives living an moral life. Ptah-Hotep tells us to " reduced the hands, bend the back, do not get to a passion” with those who are remarkable of us. Ptah's teaching is telling us that living an moral life means bagging down from battles and disagreements with remarkable and outstanding calm and under control even though you feel you are on the ideal side from the argument. Ptah goes additional to say you will be respected even more if you continue to be calm in case of; this shows that Ptah feels that should you follow his guidelines to a ethical way of life you will get in the end, even if to the outstanding figure you are looked upon as incorrect. Ptah explains that " the better of the two is he who is impassive”. Living simply by Ptah's teachings in this form of situation teaches you to remain calm in the midst of difficulty while as well gaining value from peers. Ptah as well appears to be showing us that the ethical lifestyle means putting " yourself in unison together with the ways of the master”. Ptah is instructing us our actions should be in position with our excellent. Also, Ptah goes to admit if we are living an honest life according to his teachings we will speak only positive things and do what the superior requires of us since if we stick to the directions of your master we all will become better in return. Ptah teaches us to think very much and claim little and we will be up there with the great. Sources

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