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Date: 18/07/13

Goal: To determine the visible emission shade produced from burning different material ions and several elements/molecules. Method:

The flame colors for each metallic ion had been discovered and published by simply scientists and chemists.

The primary way of research was the use of the internet, only specifically trustworthy sites. Results:

Colour in the emission produced when selected substances happen to be heated. Material

emission shade

Sodium Chloride (Na+Cl-)


Strontium Chloride (Sr2+Cl-2)

Reddish colored

Copper (I) Nitrate (Cu+NO-3)


Water piping (II) Chloride (Cu2+Cl-2)


Barium Chloride (Ba2+Cl-2)


Hydrogen (H2)


Fluorescents (Ne)



If the atoms are heated, it gives them strength. This makes the bad particals to go to a better shell, which is referred to as the electrons being inside the excited express. The bad particals then come back down to a lower level cover, and this is described as the electrons becoming in the surface state. Throughout this transition among these declares, photons are created, which in turn, creates light.

The green line right here shows the excited bad particals travelling to a higher degree of energy, and the reddish colored line reveals the bad particals emitting photons and getting back to the ground state.

Higher strength emissions really are a lot shorter in wavelength than decrease energy exhausts, while short wavelength exhausts also have a higher frequency than a reduce energy release would. This is one way we find the sunshine spectrum, which in turn shows which wavelengths give off which coloring light. In this instance, when every single element is usually burnt, becomes excited and then returns for the ground condition, whichever the wavelength is, is what colour light is given off. This is why here, higher energy emissions are seen while ‘cooler colours', e. g. violet, indigo, blue and green; while as the visible light spectrum journeys down to lower energy emissions with longer wavelengths, the colours turn into warmer. Every single...


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