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Ads and advertising influence the options we make. What we obtain is based on whatever we are most vulnerable about. What captivated my interest about this advertisement was the gift idea box and sign which a mother and her kid held. After further studying the picture We realized it had been a Tobacco ad. How they are dressed and their smiles give an inviting impression that pushes consumers to acquire their products. The mother and child seem like an all American family. They make it seem to be as though smoking cigarettes is the " American" life style, but the 1st thought that came into my was, " incredible, how can each uses kids to promote smoking, knowing how deadly it is to your health? ” In most cases these types of advertisements get their point across. All their big reddish colored captivating words and well-illustrated pictures entice our interest, leaving us victims of great advertisement. From this particular ad the big reddish letters applied were, " Happy birthday dad, we understand your ABC's”, the ABC stands for, Constantly Buy Chesterfield cigarettes. In addition, it stands for Usually milder, Better tasting, Much cooler smoking. Really implying that Chesterfield brand of tobacco is the best brand there is certainly and that it makes you " cooler” in the event you smoke them. The picture from the mother and son looking happy and smiling implies that they are capable to see the father's reaction if he opens his gift. The style of the bunch of cigarettes on its own is small , in my opinion, it truly is mostly since they are not trying to emphasize much on the package deal since the design and style is less than appealing, although essentially within the message they can be bringing across. This smoking cigarettes company is definitely implying that it can be ok for a son to provide his daddy this kind of a great gift and that it really is ok pertaining to his daddy to smoke cigars. Tobacco companies use incredibly specific techniques to sell their products. Cigarette produces spend vast amounts per year for the advertisement of their products. This ad, like many cigarette ads entice consumers to try all their many different...


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