Richard Curwin and Allen Mendler

Biographical Details

Richard D. Curwin received a degree in the University of Massachusetts in English sometime later it was added a Doctorate of Education through the same company. Before his work with Mendler he was also a seventh-grade teacher.

Allen Mendler, having a background being a consultant in both the mental and educational fields, places an emphasis on developing effective frames and techniques for educators.

Their principles show some of the suggestions and philosophies of Ginott and Dreikurs.

Along with having released several literature, they were awarded the Chief Crazy Horse Honor in 95, an award given pertaining to " bravery in achieving discouraged youth".

Key Concepts - " В…it can be fruitless to anticipate that any kind of technique works with all people who present a similar symptom. "

В§Theories based upon the ideas that most self-control programs inaccurately place their particular emphasis after strategies and techniques. В§Emphasize that not almost all students are identical.

В§Effective discipline courses focus on specific students and the specific problem behaviors. В§The first of our theorists to deal with the issues of violence and also other major misbehaviors.

Four Fundamental Philosophical Fundamentals В–

1 . College student centered and emphasizes the student's pride, self-esteem, and overall getting. 2 . Highlights a democratic atmosphere.

a few. Teachers will need to avoid authoritarian stances.

four. Demonstrates a responsibility version, not an obedience model. Application of " Self-control with Dignity"

Seven concepts of tutor behavior

В§Work toward long term behavior alterations rather than initial quick repairs. В§Stop applying ineffective tendencies management techniques.

В§Realize that being good doesn't mean that you must handle each student the same. В§Make rules that make sense.

В§Model what you anticipate.

В§Believe that responsibility much more important than obedience. В§Always treat college students with pride.


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