Should assessments be removed?


To begin with, I would like to state that I strongly disagree with the idea of abolishing exams even though they are really troublesome for young students and even professors. Here are my reasons why tests should not be eliminated in colleges.

Firstly, assessments are part and parcel of school. You come to analyze in universities. You want to know where you stand. You need to know how very good or just how bad you are at your academics. So , what is the usage of going to college, studying yet there is no test to test you?

That provides me to my subsequent point. Without the presence of examinations, pupils would be much more lazy. They will not go through the importance or use the need to examine. They might drop out of school or not care about the slightest thing that concerns institution. Students likewise would give up easily because there is not a dependence on them to figure out something and become good at it. This not only impacts the students. It affects the teachers, the fogeys, the community as well as the country.

If tests are eliminated, teachers probably would not feel the need to train students till they figure out a certain matter. It makes their work easier. However for instructors who happen to be committed in teaching, they can be getting a rough time trying to train the students. These teachers will then experience they are not really qualified intended for teaching. This will bring their very own morale down. This might even break their very own ambition.

In conclusion, abolishing examinations could have more negative impacts in comparison to positive affects. So I stress my stage, examinations ought not to be abolished in schools.



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