I recently wrote a paper about sigle father and mother and the web site lost that so now I must start around. I am so astonished at the amount of sole parents out their today. I me is a single parent and I have to put my child trough college, pay the rent and bills. I understand that it is hard and that all of us don't get any kind of help yet we make it happen the best way we could. I wonder at youngsters that excel in school and graduate at the top of their classes knowing their situation at home. I congratulate the parents my pushing their children to exceed and be distinct from the rest. I need my girl to be able to admire me and say I wish to be different and futher my personal education. Though I know that it will be hard on my salary and know that having a prayer nearly anything can happen. That's what I want to tell you parents so long as you pray and believe in the prayer everthing will work away. Yes Goodness tells us that nothing within our time but in his, and have to think that it will happen when he is ready. The kids will be all right as long as you instill in these people the legal rights and incorrect in life please remember we are all they must follow. And so if we performing things that may be bad they will adapt that see behavior and screen what the see. Am not perfect yet I do need my child to be able to look up to me and follow in my foot actions even though their just the two of us. So what ever it will take to give her the best I might do so, because children are unable to understand that there is no need it, its not their very own problem. Therefore i work long hours to make some overtime simply to survive(nothing illegal) of course but what ever work needs to be performed at work I volenteer. And so guys keep your heads up especially if your a single dad since I know what their going through, I actually live that everyday without having help by my family people nor my friends. Keep the trust and have confidence in the plea.


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