Over the last five years our organization provides seen significant change in technology. While this change continues to be beneficial to Community College and its employees, we now have reached a spot where we could challenged while using new features and functions in the College's regular software. To ensure our employees to continue to serve scholar needs effectively and effectively the Technology Training Project has been developed. This project will create technology training sessions enabling increased technology understanding also to grow employee confidence. After completion, this project will provide for a foundation that will allow we to address the probable changes in future technology.


All employees will have access to technology training opportunities. The courses Department will provide technology training through the following modes of delivery: Face to face sessions

On the net via the portal

Downloadable material

In order to provide these training chances the following solutions are required: Training opportunities to maintain the College trainer / SME's current Current and up as of yet handout supplies

Access to current hardware and software technologies


Here i will discuss a list of supposition and constraints for the education & Advancement Business Plan. Please be aware that this list may be modified as the project and planning move ahead.


Every employees have minimum technology skills while defined simply by Human Resources Most employees have access to the current technology in the form of software program and components required by their position All employees will be encouraged and allowed to be involved in training chances This project has the full support of executive management


Presence will be determined by employee activities

All new employees must enroll in new staff orientation segments All tools and computer software must be compatible with...


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