Structural friends and family therapy is an auto dvd unit of treatment based on systems theory that was developed simply by Salvador Minuchin. Structural friends and family therapy features emphasis is mostly on structural change because the main goal of remedy; it pays close attention to the individual but also acknowledges the value of family in the process of recovery of the individual. Strength family remedy focuses on stimulating proactive healthy and balanced change within the family, with an focus on structure, subsystems, and restrictions. Family Structure is invisible set of guidelines that coordinate the ways members of the family relate to each other. Framework resists change. The specialist will essentially be a change agent to facilitate this reorganization (Minuchin, 1974). In addition to this, the therapist has to be sensitive for the multicultural viewpoints within a relatives during counselling. Including, social values, mores, beliefs, techniques, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, level of acculturation, customs, gestures, special requirements, behavioral anticipations and expression, and socioeconomic status. The families' ability to access sociopolitical systems must be taken into consideration. Too often these from destitute families are not able to access sociopolitical systems, including therapy, the moment in require. When considering the impoverished, Waldegrave (2009) explained: Very few countries have been able to devise coverage responses that adequately defeat the drawbacks single-parent households' experience. They normally lack money and support to relieve their particular ongoing parent roles, and workplaces may be insensitive towards the flexibility they might require when children are sick or perhaps they are simply exhausted. They are often stigmatized by others to be single parents. When they get to counseling centers or different service providers, it is very important to recognize and address the contextual elements in their lives

and avoid focusing on the symptoms of their stress out of context....

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