The aim of the dissertation is always to research the diplomatic negotiating style of the Filipino law enforcement by studying the events in the diplomatic record, namely the bilateral talks with the Korea during september 23, 2010.


Within the past few days since the embarrassing slave shackled crisis which has brought foreign shame once again to our nation, it has been showing on how we as a Filipino people may collectively move ahead from this occurrence. In cyberspace, various people carry on and express anger, rage, dissatisfaction, frustration and sadness about how precisely our federal government particularly the Filipino National Law enforcement (PNP) managed the situation. Yes, that's the case that there was indeed deficiencies in strong required leadership in the government in handling and managing the case but the reality is, the damage have been done and also to learn from this experience, unite and do the own reveal to help the nation to move frontward. First assess what really happened inside the hostage crisis since it needs to learn from hard mistakes from the past to go forward to a better future.

First of all, let question what likely drove ex - police officer Rolando Mendoza to be desperate enough to take a complete bus full of tourist's slave shackled and eventually get rid of many of them. My personal simple research is the fact that perhaps Mendoza no longer trusted and believed in the contencioso institutions can provide him with a fair and equal common sense. What happened to Mendoza is an effect in the corruption of the democratic institutions that are requested to protect the rights of every Filipino. However, because organizations such as the courts, work of the Ombudsman and the COMELEC are now tarnished with so very much graft and corruption, persons such as Mendoza no longer have a place to air our their particular grievances as a result, they often use extra-judicial means in order for them to get the justice that they can think they will deserve. When people become eager and they feel that they have been a victim of injustices committed by the very institutions that had been supposed to guard their privileges, their probe are fragile thus, that makes it easier to allow them to violate what the law states. В What this individual did was truly incorrect but unless of course was able to reestablish trust and credibility in our democratic institutions especially the Ombudsman that is known to safeguard the pursuits of the past administration, you will have more Filipinos who can be like Mendoza who will have matters into his very own hands.

Additionally, the lack of correct training and equipment was one of the major main reasons why the PNP failed to talk about the situation effectively. Many of the lawmakers especially the allies of past President Elegancia Macapagal-Arroyo such as Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri and Associate. Edcel Lagman have required the resignation of a lot of Cabinet people of the barely 2-month outdated Aquino government. Yet, truly does full liability really belong to President Noynoy Aquino and DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo? Yes and no. Yes, because they are the ones who also are in power and perhaps many of would have wanted those to have been in complete control of the specific situation. No, mainly because even if they were in control of the situation, given the possible lack of training and proper products of the police, the hostage crisis would have still probably ended the way in which it performed. В Now, that begs problem, why the authorities force inept and how come do they lack correct equipment to manage crisis scenarios such as these? The PNP will usually answer that it is a problem of your lack of cash. So will that mean that individuals can't do anything about it? Number Studies by various worldwide institutions usually said that the Philippines taking more than you Trillion Pesos due to file corruption error at distinct levels of each of our government during the past 5 years. Imagine if just 1% of 1 Trillion pesos was used to upgrade the training and equipment of your PNP after that would've responded...


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