What changes in the personal and economic environment allowed Telefonica to start growing globally?

Option: Around 1990's, there were a large number of changes both on political and economic entrance which actually change the functioning conditions for all your companies in various industries which include Telefonica which was a state owned or operated typical monopoly company in national telecommunication sector in Spain. Some of the personal changes are as below: The government privatized the company.

There have been many deregulation happened in the Spanish Telecommunication Market. A few of the changes in the economic front which will resulted as a result of changes created by the Spanish government were: The company did start to reduce their particular workforce and so trying to accomplish better results by minimizing the charge involved. Rapid change in the technology, companies started to carry out better by way of adapting towards the new and advanced technology obtainable. The Motive of the company changed to increasing the profits and therefore increasing the shareholders' benefit. The company begun to concentrate even more on performance and ways to survive your competition. Due to all the above changes Telefonica became increasingly more capable of surviving and expanding their business beyond Spain and so they began expanding globally. What do Telefonica at first focus on Latina America? Why was it slower to expanding European countries, even though The country of spain is a member of europe? Solution: Similar type of personal changes were happening in Latin America also, they were also opting for privatization and deregulation in these sectors. This provides you with opportunities to players like Telefonica to appear and focus. Having already learned to transform itself via a state-owned enterprise into an efficient and effective competitor, Telefonica assumed it could do the same for companies that acquired in Latin America, many of which were once component to state-owned telecommunications monopolies. Elements which business lead Telefonica initially focuses...


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