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Pageant Scene

Corrigan states " Note which in turn elements are repeated to emphasise a point or a perception" (22). Many elements such as angles, peeping openings, and fingertips are pictured in the film. They are specifically emphasized inside the pageant. The pageant landscape embodies a story within a story. It contains significant amounts of imagery and foreshadowing. The Bluebeard functionality emphasis the main element concepts of female death and female strength in this film. At the start of the performance the actors get a peek of the audience by peeking through various holes inside the curtains. There is a focus on the seemingly omniscient eyes lurking behind the curtain looking out into the crowd. The peeping holes in the drape have a semblance to the hole Stewart uses to observe Ada and Baine staying intimate. Just as the audience isn't very aware they may be being viewed, neither will be Ada and Baines. The disadvantage of searching through such a slim opening is the fact it limits a person's take on a picture and a predicament. Stewart struggles to fully process the scene he has just witnessed. Observing Ada and Baines excites Stewart when filling him with superb jealousy. The scene after that shifts to a group of children huddled underneath the stage, dipping their hands into a container of blood vessels. This picture illuminates numerous issues in the film. Once Ada's little finger is cut off her hand turns into exceedingly weakling. Flora inadvertently has her mother's bloodstream on her hands. For it was she, who handed the piano key to Stewart leading him to slice off certainly one of Ada's fingers in a rage. Because Stewart reduces Ada's fingers blood splatters onto Flora's angel costume.

The curtains finally wide open and the efficiency begins. Kids dressed because angels go out and begin to sing. The scene adjustments to Baines looking at Ada with longing. Again the angles happen to be brought on the screen. After that Stewart usually takes Ada's hands and your woman purposely appears over at Baines to see his reaction Because Baines storms out of the auditorium the vocal singing of the...


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