Tage Skj! Jtt-Larsen) A rni Halld6r. ~son, Dan Andersson) Heidi Dreyer, Helge Virum a nd Lauri Ojala


This daily news gives a review o farrenheit the TPL research in the Nordic countries. The objective is usually to see i f we have a " Nordic. School um f TPL", which has a few distinctive attributes in terms um f analysis methodology, assumptive approaches or perhaps empirical conclusions. To achieve this, the contribution to f Nordic TPL research workers to the intercontinental research plan (articles in logistics magazines, PhD theses and papers at refereed logistics conferences) is reviewed. Although this approach may only provide an incomplete pictmВ·e, we believe that this evidence support the overall supposition that it is feasible to talk about a " Nordic Approach" to TPL. Finally, we will show a joint Nordic TPL research project.

Key Words: Third party logistics, Nordic procedure, joint analysis, NOFOMA, analysis methodology.


Introduction and background

NOFOMA (Nordic Discussion board for Elements Administration) provides since 1989 recently been a online community, where strategies researchers via universities and business colleges have achieved at meetings every year to change ideas and present all their newest exploration results. For most young strategies researchers it had been their initially opportunity to present a daily news in English language. NOFOMA meetings have improved in both equally number um f members (from regarding 25 to about 150), geographical protection (an raising number to f participants are caused by universities outside the Nordic countries) and topics (spanning from qualitative to quantitative, assumptive to practical, and useful to method oriented). Nevertheless , there is still a main o n logistics researchers, who have took part in in most NOFOMA conferences and therefore know one another quite well. Consequently , the idea um f making a joint Nordic TPL study was based on a


solid personal expertise o farreneheit each other when it comes to o farreneheit previous exploration, working...


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