That day was like any other day in my life. Only that miss Jean Louise and mister Jim, were seriously astonished regarding trial. With the court about Tom Brown and of course that is very ominous, but if they would spend more time with Atticus, maybe they will wouldn't be that disappointing and.... I do believe from the beginning, Atticus always a new sentiment that Tom will be find guilty. Remember I asked why, nevertheless he stated that just people think that if perhaps they were given birth to white that is certainly giving them some privileges because life. And they can't also recognize that most of us were delivered free in the eyes of...

-Calpurnia is definitely pie ready?

-Almost, ma'am. When it will probably be ready, I will let miss Jean Louise bring it.

-Good, but be sure she will wear a dress, like a lady.

Oh yea I are fully shown and this " lady" the lady always want something and no way might like to do anything. Much like Scout before school. Yet she has very good version right in front of. Atticus can teach her, how you can understand people, but she's too pig-headedness.

-Hello Calpurnia! I am so exhausted. Yesterday me personally and Jem we were and so upset. You know Cal My spouse and i still cannot understand why jury found him guilty, Atticus showed that Ewells was drunk so when he noticed that Mayella was the kiss Tom. So when Ewells referred to as Mr. Tate and declared that he raped her and why Atticus is so constructed when Ewells spit him! If I would be on Atticus place I'm sure I would scold him..

-Miss Jean Louise you shouldn't employ that sort of words, like rape, if you don't know what they mean. And thank you god you are not in Atticus shoes.

-I know what does that term mean and I'm not just a child! I possess my own view.

-Yes, but you need to learn a whole lot.... And curry is all set, your great aunt want one to wear a dress, like a girl, because now she has quest. So I think you enough smart, and outdated to help me to bring that pie rather than to fall in the middle of the space.

Eccentric girl I know her since your woman was born, but nevertheless occasionally I do believe that in this...


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