In Ursula LeGuin's, The Left Hand of Darkness, the Gethenian universe is like some other world apart from the fact that its persons lack gender but rather possess a " neutral” male or female who will be " certainly not neuters (94)” but " potentials, or integrals" (94). Although this kind of unusual top quality allows Gethenian citizens in order to avoid the typical gender stereotypes among their nation, people beyond all their domain discover this feature appalling. The absence of gender in the Gethenian world stresses the capability of communicating with people from other worlds but permits them to evaluate one another simply by character and personality, not by sexuality stereotypes and first impressions.

The lack of sexuality on Gethenian hinders the communication and understanding between its persons and Ekumen. When initially approached by simply Estraven, the previous prime minister of Erhenrang, Mr. Ai, the protagonist, of the story is confused about his individual impression of him, as the lack of male or female makes it challenging for him to complete his impression of Estraven. Unsure of what this individual himself views, Mr. Ai hesitates, "..... his dark forehead the person -- man I must say, having said he and his -- the man answers... (5) ”, and not to be able to conceive the people that we are up against makes the part of understanding the other person much more hard because the method we deal with each other is based on our ideas of them. Because Estraven encourages Mr. Aje over to his house for dinner, Mr. Aje is hesitant as some of Estraven's characteristics allow him to feel that he is a person but other traits such as his resonant voice makes him want to think that he is relatively in other ways, a woman. States, " My spouse and i tried to, although my initiatives took the form of self-consciously seeing a Gethenian initially as a guy, then as being a woman...... (11)”. It is all-natural for us to get confused once we do not know how to act around people even as do not have the strength to perform inside the most satisfactory way possible even as we also want people to include a good impression of us inside their mind also.

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