Was federal government mismanagement the most important cause of the typical Strike of 1926?

There was many factors in the lead up to the hit of 1926 which could become blamed for causing it. Nonetheless it is contended Government mismanagement is the most important cause due to the fact that completely such a substantial impact because it was a continual cause and that it could be blamed as a induce for the beginning of it.

One of these factors that could be categorised as a cause for the General Strike of 1926 is the infamous coal owners. In particular the attitude of these coal companies towards their very own workers can be an issue. Their particular selfish outlook on life was first emphasised when in the early twenties the price of coal began to drop but rather than take it on the shoulder and reducing some of their income they decided the only remedy was to introduce harsh reduced pay and for a longer time days. Furthermore the conditions in the mines continuing to damage as the owners refused to use any one of their own funds to help the miner's lives out even to the magnitude that some wouldn't actually provide a pithead bath. This kind of angered the miners since there was no sign of any give up.

Extra factors that might be responsible for the strike of 1926 will be the social and political triggers. The growth of left wing politics is a crucial issue since it sets off indicators for both the working and upper class due to the communist uprising that was at the moment happening in Russia. Therefore fear quickly spread throughout the country which may cause the government to slightly panic and left themselves vulnerable to any pressure from miners who were currently thinking about dazzling. The sociable factor of education as well had an impact on the events of 1926. This kind of because for the first time in British history the working class had been now being educated and were therefore more likely to stand up for themselves as they were now able to negotiate and offer bargain towards my very own owners plus the government. Furthermore if...


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