Week two Assignment

Ronald Horne

IS3110 5/10/2015

Ahead of agreeing for the contract I want to outline some dangers that goes with this current project. Let me address the concerns simply by showing you the qualitative plus the quantitative dangers

Quantitative Risk Assessment Summary.

The penalty of $100, 1000. 00 per month after the on the lookout for month deadline is my first risk. If the task is two months behind schedule it will cost us over two-hundred dollar, 000. 00 if we in order to include the cost of labor. Following month three or more we are taking a look at $300, 000. 00 which may really eat into each of our profits. In the event the contract is definitely canceled than we lose the chance of obtaining future jobs with the federal government and run the risk of foreseeable future income.

The new network storage and security products that need to be set up is my personal second risk. If there is simply no power, room or personnel to support the hardware we're able to be looking at thousands of dollars lost. First is the room, if there is too little rack space or even space to put the rack than we are taking a look at incurring development costs and labor costs as well. Lacking power means that we will not manage to have the products up and running on time to meet the deadline. Support personnel can be imperative mainly because if the machines are not operating we could drop the possibility of burning off future income.

Qualitative Risk Assessments Overview.

The company complying with FISMA entails several risk too for the company. The risk we might come across is effect on the company whenever we fall out of compliance. Unauthorized access, work with, disclosure, customization or devastation of information. If we write right policy and procedures in this project we should reduce the risks and make sure the knowledge security can be addressed through the life pattern of our contract. Being compliant will lessen risk nevertheless we have always to train the proper personnel


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