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Name: ________________________ Section: _______________________

INSTRUCTIONS: Write on the blank presented below what style of issue is present in each passing.

1 . Johnʼs hands trembled in the cold as he fished through his coat pockets for a match. He had already gathered scraps of wood and piled them up to make a fire. At this point, he had to figure out how to kindle it. Direct sunlight had previously set and all light was quickly diminishing from the sky; John can feel the temperatures dropping just as rapidly. Without a match, there was clearly no way to get this fire going, minus a fire, he wasnʼt sure how he would endure the night. Nobody knew having been stuck in existence, alone, without food or perhaps shelter. His best expect was to attempt to avoid freezing, after that head out at dawn to find support. Type of conflict: man compared to nature____________________________________________

2 . As the bus pulled up to the prevent, Renee steadied herself and slowly wandered toward the advantage of the pavement. Ever since the fire, her life features taken a unexpected path. She was at one time beautiful, with bright green eyes, positive lips, and a mind of darker, curly hair. At this point, she shuffled slowly together to be cautious to not lump her fragile, scarred skin. The fire that burned down her home as well attacked her. Instead of a mild, vivacious 25-year-old, Renee resembled a 80 year old female -- balding, twisted, and hunched above....


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